About AST Pakistan Airways
We are feeling proud in introducing ourselves as one of the leading, reliable Air Cargo & Live Stocks Movers of repute and standing in the field back with an experience. We are confident to take up any challenging work and execute the same in efficient manner to the optimum satisfaction of our clients. We are one of the fast, trustworthy, reliable and economical packers to pack and move safely.
We keep our promises. With an eye to changing times and markets. As high technology makes the world of production and service faster and more global, AST PAKISTAN AIRWAYS offers a total assistance service for every customer - Logistic.
We can help each of our customers improve market presence with a complete managerial service whose name we have borrowed from the military, Logistic. From storage to assembly to co-ordination to dispatch to delivery by Express Courier and Air Cargo. Right up post-delivery confirmation. Any company, which needs to produce flexibility, needs a service like this more and more. And needs professionalism and flexibility from its external partners. Logistic from AST PAKISTAN AIRWAYS is all this, A great partner for any company - rationalizing, saving, keeping up with new strategies - real result from real expertise. At last - organization the modern way. Having analyzed the customer's problem, AST PAKISTAN AIRWAYS will develop a mechanism, which can turn it into a success. How? Optimizing, handling distribution and linking each phase of production by logic and efficiency. Monitoring each step, slimming and simplifying the storage, packaging and distribution of any kind of product. Until our service brings our customer's success. A total service called Logistic. Important today, indispensable tomorrow. Chartering an aircraft is not a complicated job, if you work with the right company that has the expertise and experience to do the job right the first time, every time. AST Pakistan Airways has the experience and knowledge to guide you through this process, and make the chartering process simple and stress free.

AST PAKISTAN AIRWAYS is new induction in the airlines industry, We are performing the following job since 1997 world wide and round the clock

  1. Emergency Relief and Cargo Charter Flights
  2. Schedule and Non Schedule Cargo Flights to Iraq and Afghanistan
  3. Schedule and Non Schedule Cargo Flights to Sudan & Other African Destinations
  4. UN Troops Air Movement (Complete Management)
  5. Telecommunication (Electronic Equipment Air Transportation)
  6. Helicopters & Light Aircraft Air Transportation
  7. Oil Field Equipment Air Transportation included delivery at their drilling plate form in the Sea by Air.
  8. Textile Industry Special Seasonal Charters up to B 747.
  9. VIP, VVIP Air Movements by Executive Jets.
  10. Ambulance Flights by Falcon 20 aircraft equipped with all emergency equipment with specialist doctor and nurses from Asia to Europe in just very short notice.
  11. Specialized in Live Stock movement by air in IL 76 TD (Triple Storey Cages) for Sheep & Goats capacity 750 to 800 live breeders Sheep and Goat average weight 25 to 30 Kgs each. Operating regular flights from Europe to UAE for President of UAE. Aircraft available for such air movement are IL 76 TD, AN 12, and new induction DC9-33 F with penning system.
  12. Specialized in perishable air movement such as fresh meat, fish, Vegetable & fruits especially seasonal mango movement from Pakistan to Europe.
  13. Specialized in relief flights of medicines under temperature control.